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Live to Learn is a personalised tuition and education service, providing unbeatable child-centred learning; not only focussing on academics but placing the wellbeing and learning ability of a child at the top of our priority list

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The Live to Learn Hub has become an educational sanctuary, where our daughter can relax and learn. The tutors have been specifically picked to work with the children and stimulate the desire to progress. Our daughter leaves The Hub visibly happier and motivated. ‘I can just be myself; I can ask for help and support and will be listened to’
Heather (parent)
This time last year I was super excited to finish school and get away from school and have a Christmas break. This year however, I’m going to miss learning for the following two weeks. This is because you and all of the other tutors here have made learning (never thought I would say this) fun. To be fair without you and the team this year would have been really cr*p! Thank you so much.
Flynn (student)
My son was out of education for 3 years before starting with Live to Learn. Within a few short months my son has found faith and is willing to learn again. The gentle and understanding approach at Live to Learn is exactly what my son needed. He now feels heard and understood. Thank you Kelly and Team at Live to Learn.
Joanna (parent)
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We want to give every child the opportunity they deserve to thrive academically, as an individual and within the big-wide-world. Our educational offerings have been recommended for over 6 years and year upon year we strive to meet our ever-increasing demand. 

To find out if we are the right choice for your child and family, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we are ALWAYS happy to help.